I'm a Mom and an Intern - What Can I Do?

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I'm a Mom and an Intern - What Can I Do?

I received an email from a student who was also a mom asking about the types of internships she could do. When you're a mom, you have different priorities and a different schedule. Typically, you might also be looking for some flexibility and you might be interested in internship opportunities that you can do from home if you don't have someone else to look after your children during the day. Several moms spend childcare money on the time they are actually in class and aren't able or interested in extending those childcare hours to the times when they are at their internship. If this scenario sounds familiar, I urge you to look into virtual internships. We've covered virtual internships several times on the website. At the end of this blog, I'll include a few links to other helpful articles on virtual internships that we've posted in the past.

Virtual internships can be done from your home, apartment, or dorm room. You could even sit on campus (in a quiet area) and participate in the virtual internship. Virtual internships are run in two different ways depending on the company policies. At some virtual internships, the employer checks in with you at the beginning of the week and gives you a handful of projects to complete on your own time before the end of the week. I'm not a huge fan of these programs as I think parts of the internship experience are lost when the frequent communication between employer and student are lost.

At other virtual internships, they are very similar to "in-office" internships where you have a schedule every week and during those hours you are committed to being in front of your computer (at home) and available for the employer. You communicate with the employer via Skype, Text, Phone Calls, and Email. At InternQueen.com we run a virtual internship program as many of our employees are virtual. We've been successfully running the program since 2009 and it works very well.

On InternQueen.com, we have several virtual internship opportunities to apply for, here are a few:

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