I'm an NYU Student and Social Media Addict.

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I'm an NYU Student and Social Media Addict.

This is a guest blog written by Kim, our NYU Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. Kim attends NYU&s Stern School of Business and is a marketing major. She explains how social media plays such a huge role in her life.

I am an utter social media addict.

Thanks to my torrid love affair with the Droid X (#teamandroid!), it wasn’t difficult to develop this fixation. The first thing I do upon waking is groggily grasp at my phone to check my texts, kiks, tweets, DMs, mentions, messages, wall posts, check-ins, pings, views, Twitpics, etc. – you name it, I probably browsed it at 8 a.m. this morning.

As a business school student, intern, and employee, it’s often easier to contact me via phone –you’ll often catch me running around NYU, swiping and tapping away at the Droid X. My phone has undoubtedly become my lifeline.

The other night, I was enjoying a night out at a Meatpacking District hotspot, in the heart of NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. I was happily dancing my heart out on the floor when one of my favorite house anthems came on. I quickly turned around in excitement towards my friends, only to find their three faces buried in the luminous glow of Blackberry and iPhone screens.

It was both an irritating and disheartening image – I wanted to share that moment with my friends, only to find them unable to detach themselves from their mobile devices. Later that evening, I was surprised to see their posts flooding my various newsfeeds; our entire night (from the cab ride to the late night chicken-and-rice run) was meticulously laid out through social media outlets, from Flickr uploads to retweets to Facebook statuses.

Granted, we’re all a little self-indulgent; I know I’m definitely guilty of over-sharing. Technology of the twenty-first century has made it ridiculously simple to constantly update others of our lives through social media. But I think it is such a beautiful thing to actually live in that moment, and not distract ourselves by documenting every second of it.

If my friends had put half the effort and time of that constant updating into being present with me, that night out would have been (ironically) more memorable. Instead, their impulse to chronicle the night for third parties actually detracted from the experience. Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned, but when I’m out to dinner with friends or hanging out with a fellow intern, I like to think that our time together is slightly more interesting than a 480 x 360 pixels screen.

As we welcome 2011 into our lives, let’s try to wean ourselves off of that constant social media connection – whether we’re out with friends, in class, or even at the internship. At Intern Queen, we’re always emphasizing that personal touch – so while it’s great to capture those moments through social media, the ability to actually recall that memory is so much more precious, worth more than any Facebook Mobile Upload or 140-character Tweet.

So instead of shooting off a mass picture message or posting a tumblr quote next time you’re out, put down the phone and cherish that moment with the ones you love. Be blissfully ignorant of technology and social media, even if only for those several seconds. Because at the end of the day, we’re all here for a good time – not a long one.