I'm Still An Intern, Are You?

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I'm Still An Intern, Are You?

When I had the idea to launch Intern Queen Inc. (years ago), I visualized an entire lifestyle brand. People would criticize my vision and say, "interns are only in college." Sure. Perhaps the word intern technically refers to a high school or college student trying out a potential career choice. However, my definition of the word intern is more broad. I believe an intern is anyone trying out a new career path, relationship, or lifestyle. I'm still an intern at heart. I'm constantly experimenting with new paths, choices, relationships, and lifestyles. In fact, I hope to always be an intern and never stop growing, changing, or trying new things.

As we get older, we start to feel stuck in our careers. We feel like this is what we've chosen and now we must stick with it. But in an environment where people are changing jobs 11 times before they are 28 and the average person changes jobs every 3 years, is this still the case?

I refuse to be stuck. And I will never "stick". Here's to always being an intern and always trying new things.

Career Paths I Still Want To Try

1. Script Writer

2. Television Producer

3. Song Writer (It's the Taylor Swift fan in me)

4. Magazine Editor