The Importance of Exploring Fields

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The Importance of Exploring Fields

This blog is written by Emily Longeretta, former InternQueen intern and recent college graduate. After seven internships, she is thankful for the experience in so many different fields. Have questions or comments for her? Follow her on twitter @emilylongeretta.

As a journalism major, I’ve always known I wanted to do fashion and entertainment news or PR. My first internship was at a newspaper, which I really didn’t have much interest in. However, learning the way a newspaper operated, taught me the nitty-gritty side of really editing. This helped me in my next internship, as did the one after that. I ended up doing a total of four editorial internships. I did a fashion internship at Elle, and I was lucky enough to intern for the InternQueen herself, learning the promoting and planning side of a company.

After all of this, I wanted to learn more. I applied and landed a summer position at CitiGroup, Inc. People didn’t understand why a journalist would want to work at a bank. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was sure if I wanted to, either. I began freelance writing for an entertainment site and working at Citi. So, I currently am a summer analyst in the Citi Infrastructure Technology department working on Internal Communications. I would normally look right over that title, but now, mid way in, I am so happy that I took the opportunity—I never thought I would learn as much as I have.

I’m here to tell you to apply for internships you don’t know anything about. During my time here, I’ve met so many people with different backgrounds, connections, and passions. Yes, it’s a financial industry. No, I’m not working with numbers, ten computer screens or wearing a headset. I was hired because I can communicate, and I do just that—work on emails and create newsletters that get sent out to 35,000 people, interview leaders for focus articles, attend meetings with every department, and have even created a social networking site for the analysts (500 of us). Today even, I get to see the CEO of Citi speak, and have the opportunity for questions.

Who knows if I’ll end up having a career in finance. I want to work with celebrities and fashion. I want to be Ryan Seacrest. But, I can now add to my resume that I’ve done communications for thousands, that I’m a complete expert with social media, and am a pro at Microsoft Office Excel. These three months are my last three as a student, as I officially have my degree in August. The learning experience has given me an entirely new variety of skills to add to my resume, a whole team of people to add to my reference list, and a new idea of what else my degree offers.