The Importance of Organization & How to Do It.

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The Importance of Organization & How to Do It. blog image

The Importance of Organization & How to Do It.

This blog was written by Emily Longeretta, a spring intern for Intern Queen. Follow her on twitter @emilylongeretta.

During my internship with Lauren Berger, Intern Queen, I learned that the best way to succeed is organization. With different organization methos, I want to share a few ways that you can use to stay organized during your internships this summer, your school work, and even your every day life.

1. Use Google Calendar. Most of us have smart phones and organizing your due dates, internships hours, and appointments is made easy with Google Calendar. You can get notifications before hand and color code categories. Also, if you're linked with your boss, as the interns are with Lauren, it makes scheduling things for her really easy, as well as putting in who is interning when.

2. Use an Excel Sheet. With the amount of tasks that take place during an internship, an excel sheet is a perfect away to keep organized. With the columns, you can add any extra info. Whether it is hours, phone numbers, to-do lists with names, it can all be easily accessed, color coded, and even alphabetically arranged with an excel document. (Extra tip: You can use a google spreadsheet if you'd like to share it with others you work with.)

3. Make lists. I know that some feel that they are unneccessary, but before going to bed, if you make a quick list of things that must get done the next day will help you in the long run. It will allow you to sleep well, since most of us lie awake in bed thinking about all the things we need to do. Making a list is also important because it keeps your priorities for what absolutely needs to get done.