Improving Your Time Management with Twitter

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Improving Your Time Management with Twitter

This blog was written by Amanda Gallucci, campus ambassador at Providence College. She is a Junior English major and Business minor. Follow her on Twitter @agalluch.

There have been so many days turned into nights this semester where I’ve looked at the time and felt a sense of shock at how late it is. I try hard to think about what I was doing for the past 10 hours that made the time disappear right in front of me. Most of these times I’m sitting on my computer, and naturally I blame the Internet for my distractions, but now I realize that the Internet can also be a great way for me to monitor how I spend my time.

I think you can learn a lot about a person from reading through her tweets. You get a sense of personality—is she funny, sarcastic, sappy? You quickly realize what interests her and what she is passionate about. You may feel like you know someone who you’ve never even met just based on what you see her talking about on a daily basis.

So how does this come into play for time management? Take a look at your own tweets. How many are references to pop culture news or television shows? Maybe you’re spending too much time on celebrity gossip sites. Do you find a lot of negativity in your tweets? You might be wasting time and energy complaining or wallowing instead of taking action. Too many tweets about stress and loads of work? Consider cutting back on your extracurriculars or whatever may be taking up a great deal of time so you can make sure you’re able to properly relax. Finally, take a look at how many times a day you are tweeting and how relevant each tweet is—it’s possible that Twitter itself is your weakness. Take less time to share and broadcast and spend more time living out those activities!

Don’t just wonder what is taking up your time every day—let Twitter show you how you can manage your time more productively.