An Insider's Guide to Virtual Internships

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An Insider's Guide to Virtual Internships  blog image

An Insider's Guide to Virtual Internships

In the age of technology and people living on the internet, it’s no surprise that we have found a way to intern over the computer.

Virtual internships are the latest trend to explode on college campuses and throughout different companies. A virtual internship is when a company allows an intern to do all their work from home; the intern initially checks in with the company and does whatever is needed of them. It’s also a great way to intern for companies that are too far to travel too.

Virtual internships might not seem beneficial since you aren’t getting the normal internship experience by going into the office and being around that specific job environment but that isn’t true. However, there are many ways to take advantage of having a virtual internship.

1. Take it seriously
While you’re sitting in your pajamas in the comfort of your own dorm room, it might be difficult to take the internship seriously and focus on what you have to get done. Don’t let that happen; put your mind to this internship whether you’re writing or researching, take it seriously. If that means getting dressed and going to the library, then so be it. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that this internship doesn’t count.

2. Make a schedule
I always say that a virtual internship is difficult in the sense that it follows you home. It’s not like a regular internship where you go to the office 9-5, come home, and do whatever you have to do. Because you are working from home, it’s easy to get into the habit of doing other school related things and not the internship. To avoid this happening, make a schedule; carve out days and times that you will do your internship and ONLY your internship.

3. Don’t disappear
This is the biggest TO DO of virtual internships in my opinion. You have to stay in touch with the people in charge. Whether it’s your internship coordinator, editors, or other writers, be in constant contact with them. Let them know you are there and you’re doing your work. Just as if you were in an office, make sure they are aware of you.

4. Take advantage of opportunities
If the company you are interning for offers other chances to do extra work, take them! It could be an interview, writing a different type of article, or going to an event, either way you should take full advantage of these outside experiences. They will make your internship something special and shape the way you look back at it. Those extra opportunities will put you ahead of the game.

I’ve learned that a virtual internship is what you make it. If you want to succeed in it, you will. If you follow these steps, your virtual internship will be a great asset to your professional life.

This blog post was written by Briana Luca, our Campus Ambassador from Iona College.