Instagram Gave me a Stomachache!

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Instagram Gave me a Stomachache!  blog image

Instagram Gave me a Stomachache!

Today I wanted to share another storytime video with you since I got so many comments and messages about the video we posted a few weeks ago.

 This time I wanted to address something that happens to all of us! I know we all have some sort of social media. Some of you may prefer Facebook over Instagram but, I have a feeling you will be able to relate to this topic across all platforms.

 It was the end to a typical work day and I was scrolling through my phone and stumbled across a competitor’s Instagram profile. I saw one post and was immediately drawn to their page and started viewing all their pictures. The more I viewed the more I felt this pain in my stomach and started questioning everything I was doing.

 I don’t want to tell you the whole story here on the blog as I want you to watch the video on my YouTube channel because I do feel that there is a bigger message behind me just stumbling across one of our competitors pages. Watch the video below and feel free to leave me a comment (as I love reading them!)