Intern Bar: Spice Up your NYC Nightlife with Networking!

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Intern Bar: Spice Up your NYC Nightlife with Networking!

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Chandra Robrock from Florida State University.

If you are interning in New York City this summer and haven’t heard about Intern Bar, you are missing out! Zak Tanjeloff founded Intern Bar in 2007, and it has successfully run for the past five consecutive summers. Intern Bar is a wonderful way for interns to network, to meet other interns and to enjoy cheap drink specials, which are hard to come by in NYC.

Intern Bar hosts different events every weekend (usually Friday and Saturday) at various locations throughout the city. This week alone, they are hosting events at Bar 12, Amber Lounge and Statue Garden at Empire Room. Nearly all events feature an open bar for the 21+ crew.

“There are so many places to go in NYC,” says founder Zak Tanjeloff, “Intern Bar helps to pick the best places and then make them accessible to all interns – and use the power for the group to get great drink specials and open bars.”

At, you will find a social networking website similar to that of Myspace or Facebook which allows interns to connect with one another on a different format. All of Intern Bar’s events are posted on this website & updated often.

So whether you are looking for your new favorite bar or looking to make some new friends, Intern Bar has everything you are looking for! For more information, go to: