Intern Essentials: Coffee

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Intern Essentials: Coffee

This blog was written by Sarah one of the Intern Queen&s very own interns!

In an intern’s typical day one thing you can simply not miss: coffee. Whether it’s the every morning wake up coffee right after getting out of bed or on the way to the office, the later meeting coffee, the early afternoon coffee, or the late afternoon coffee that we so desperately need in order to make it through the end of this busy intern day -  we all need our daily dose of coffee.

Here are some of our favorite coffee drinks for interns.

  1. The iced coffee. Iced coffee is perfect, especially in summertime to wakeup and stay cool.
  2. Lattes come in all variations and are super delicious. Try them if you are not a fan of strong coffee!
  3. Extra shots. For those of you who are simply coffee addicts or just have a really busy day ahead of you – feel free to add shots to your coffee.
  4. Caramel Macchiato. Like your coffee a little sweet? This is the way to go for you. There’s nothing like a little caramel to sweeten up your day.
  5. Cappuccino. Because it’s a classic and so smooth.

Do you have any other favorite coffee drinks other interns should know about? Please share!

Intern Essentials: Coffee | Intern Queen Inc.


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