Intern, Learn, and Travel this Summer!

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Intern, Learn, and Travel this Summer!

City Internships’ (CI) eight-week summer Global Explorer Program centers around an internship placement with a leading company and is accompanied by a comprehensive series of classes, workshops and networking events optimized to enhance your commercial skills and employability. 
You can join the Global Explorer Program in one of twelve cities worldwide and select from nine industries. Perfect for your last-minute internship search and to satisfy your wanderlust craving this summer.

CI caught up with Ashley, University of Arkansas graduate and fashion blogger behind Not Scared of the Sky, who joined the Global Explorer Program in Los Angeles, California, in Summer 2016.

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CI: Looking back, what advice would you give to students considering a program like the Global Explorer Program with City Internships?

Ashley: My best advice to anyone considering an internship program with a provider like City Internships is to be fearless, go with your gut and take full advantage of all that you can. City Internships is here solely to help you in your professional career. This is the place to be if you want to grow.
CI: As a Communications major, how did your degree prepare you for an internship with a PR firm in Los Angeles?

A: If you’re a Communications major, you know that a lot of your classes are about interpreting and connecting to others. This is what helped me the most during my internship because we dealt with a variety of clients from all different backgrounds. It was important for me to be able to shift the way that I communicated to each individual to help them. 
CI: What did you learn at your internship that university didn’t teach you?

A: The coolest part about my internship was the different fashion brands that I could work with. I didn’t come from a fashion background, so learning about these brands and their aesthetics was priceless for me. I also learnt how to pair these brands with specific celebrities based on their personal style. 
After the Global Explorer Program, Ashley moved to New York City, where she is earning her Masters in Fashion Studies at Parsons School of Design. She joined the Global Explorer Program in Summer 2016 and interned with a fashion PR firm.
If you’re looking for an internship program this summer, check out CI’s upcoming locations and programs and schedule a time to speak with Ashley, or other alum, about their programs and experiences on their alumni ambassador page.
Did you know? 
More than 65% of CI alumni go on to accept permanent graduate positions with their host company. Moreover, their annual Student Outcomes survey shows that CI alumni secure graduate employment three times more quickly and earn 30% than their peers immediately after university.