The Intern Queen Exclusive Social Media Cleanse

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The Intern Queen Exclusive Social Media Cleanse

Today I got an email from one of my amazing Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors, Joanna, who attends Texas A&M. She mentioned that she was reading my book (All Work, No Pay) and decided she was going to start her social media cleanse before applying for an internship this summer. A Social Media Cleanse? How catchy!

I immediately emailed Joanna back and told her that I was going to steal her phrase and write a blog on how every student can indulge in their very own Social Media Cleanse. On a side note, I find this pretty fun as I live in Los Angeles and everyone is always talking about different types of cleanses. This is one cleanse, that I fully support.

Let's get started. Here is the 5 Step Official Intern Queen Social Media Cleanse.

1. GOOGLE YOURSELF. What pops up? Anything inappropriate? Make a list of anything you are hesitant about. The word hesitant is a big part of this cleanse. Whenever you feel "hesitant" - DELETE IT. Make a list of any strange findings and do your part in contacting the person who runs that site and attempting to take articles and information down. For example, if there is a video of you online that you don't like, email the person who posted it in the first place and ask them to take it down.

2. FACEBOOK CAN BE YOUR WORST ENEMY. We've all been on Facebook now for years and years. It's very possible that inappropriate photos of you from years ago are tagged, shared, and looming over your head. Cleaning up your Facebook Page and profile isn't a one-night job it will probably take you an entire weekend. Go through all of those old photos and if you are the least bit hesitant - get rid of them. Save them to your computer and press delete. They shouldn't be on Facebook. The wrong person will find it, I promise. Also, take the time to select a nice profile picture. Please avoid bathing suit pictures or pictures where you are drinking alcohol or trying really hard to look sexy. Also, if you like to kiss your boyfriend that's fine, but does it need to be your profile picture?

3. PRESIDENTIAL TEST. You are running for president. What would they find on you? Think hard. Do you have weird pictures hiding somewhere? Find them and get rid of them. Does your roommate have potentially harmful photos of you doing drugs or smoking? Get rid of them.

4. SOCIAL NETWORK SWEEP. The other networks you are going to want to pay close attention to are Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any personal blogs. Have you tweeted anything negative? Get rid of it. Have you blogged poorly about someone or an employer? Get rid of it. You want your social media presence to be squeaky clean.

5. UPDATE EVERYTHING AND USE CONSISTENT MESSAGING. While you are at it, update all of your information on your networks. Make sure your name, work experience, and profile descriptions are professional and up-to-date. Also, make sure your personal information doesn't vary too much from network to network. You don't want to confuse an employer or make them think you are providing inaccurate information. Make sure you that you have some recent posts on each network (especially Twitter). You want to show the employer you have integrated these tools into your personal life and are confident in how to properly use each one.