Intern Queen on the Go! Tips for the Busy Bees!

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Intern Queen on the Go! Tips for the Busy Bees!

Mary M. from Quinnipiac University. She is a Junior Marketing/International Business Major who found her passion for traveling after studying abroad in Rome. Mary aspires to one day work internationally with the US Olympic Committee on a major sports campaign. She loves being involved in her campus community and experiencing college to the fullest.

You set your alarm for 8 PM instead of 8 AM.  Your shower was freezing because your roommate used all the hot water.  Now that you’re late, cold and wet you have to book it to class, work, a meeting or your internship.  I get it. We’ve all been there. But fear not my little Intern Queens and Kings. Here are some tips on how to cope when we hit a snag in our day.

The horribly wrinkled shirt: My tee shirts are eternally wrinkled when I’m at school because I only have so much space to store them.   The other morning I was blow-drying my hair when I realized how sloppy I looked.  There was no way I could iron before class.  Here’s the solution. Pull your shirt so it’s taut and run the hairdryer up and down the shirt a few times.  It gets the wrinkles out instantly!  Make sure you don’t put the blow dryer directly on your clothes because your pants might literally be on fire.

Moving in slow motion: I’m a morning girl, but I still have my moments where I just feel like I’m in quick sand.  My energy is low, but I have no coffee money left for the week.  The answer is simple—get a reusable water bottle.  I carry mine EVERYWHERE.  It makes you drink more water, which actually has been scientifically noted to make you feel as energized as you would feel if you were drinking coffee. (I’ve actually kicked my coffee habit this semester because of it… for the most part).  And water is free at my school.  Save your pennies, get a fabulous complexion and feel great!

Sore backs: All that late night studying and running errands for your boss catches up to your poor overworked back.  It seems like the more stressed I am, the more my shoulders ache.  I’ve just recently picked up this next trick.  Every night before bed I stretch my body out.  All I do are really simple toe touches (while sitting on the floor… let’s be honest) and stretch out my core.  I can’t even tell you how much of a difference it makes when you wake up the next morning feeling like a million bucks.  And for you Intern Kings and Queens who lack motivation to do anything let alone “exercise” before bed like me, I have a really simple motivation trick.  Buy a yoga mat and put it right on the floor next to your bed.  If that mat is just sitting there waiting for you to use it, you might as well. Right?

So there you have it.  Three easy ways to feel better and make your life just a little bit easier!  Have any good tricks? Leave a comment with them below!