Intern Queen LOVES Purdue

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Intern Queen LOVES Purdue

I don&t like to pick favorites, of course, but I have to note how impressed I was with my visit to Purdue two weeks ago. I knew students were capable of putting great events together, but Valerie Petrey and her Women In Communications Organization, really just knocked the socks off anything I&d seen before. With the help of my long-time Twitter buddy, Lisa Snodgrass, Valerie ran the entire event and secured other organizations to sponsor the event. She was able to get a few hundred students into the room and WOW, it was amazing.

I felt a connection to all of the Purdue students and loved hearing about their stories and experiences. At bigger schools, it can be hard to really connect with the student body, but not here. Each student that attended the presentation was so respectful, so ambitious, and they were thinking so BIG! It was refreshing to see a group of students so excited to intern and have great workplace experiences.

I&m often rushed at my visits from school to school but at Purdue I had some time to enjoy the local favorites with the LACD and WIC organizations. We went to POTBELLYS and to HARRYS CHOCOLATE SHOP! So good!

[caption id="attachment_710" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="With the WIC Girls at PotBellys"][/caption]

And did I mention they also got me on the front of their school newspaper? Thank you Purdue, I&ll remember that visit for years to come.