Intern Queen Obsession: New APP "Teux Deux"

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Intern Queen Obsession: New APP "Teux Deux"

This is a guest post from our current campus ambassador Kalani Gordon.Kalani is a junior at the University of North Texas, majoring in photojournalism & minoring in photography.

In search for a new web or app-based to-do list, I posted a Facebook status requesting help from some friends to discover the best list-making device out there.  After shuffling through quite a few websites/apps, I stumbled across Teuxdeux - a free, simple, effective, web-based task manager that seemed keep even the messiest of minds, like mine, organized.

The Teuxdeux (pronounced to-do and best said with a french accent) interface presents itself the simplest of weekly planners centered around a very design-oriented base.

- - -

The Good

Interaction is very straightforward – a swipe here, a click there, a drag to there...With Teuxdeux, you can quickly add tasks to your calendar. If you forget to complete a task, Teuxdeux will automatically move the unfinished tasks to the next day.

There is also a Someday section, allowing you to jolt down upcoming items that don&t need to be taken care of immediately, but just...some day soon.

I set TeuxDeux as my homepage on my internet browser, so, every time I open a new window, I am being constantly reminded of things I need to get done that may have slipped my mind, which has proven to be very effective for me.

The Bad

In a ComputerWorld article “The iPad paradox: Less is more” the author stated that Teuxdeux was “feature poor” which to some may be viewed as a negative, however I believe the less-is-more application helps with useability and aids on-the-go use and let you use all of the minimal features to their full potential.

The Mobile

While there are not apps yet for Blackberry, Palm, or Android, the TeuxDeux app is available in the iTunes App store for $2.99 and is personally well worth it, especially since you can try it out free with the online version, and then decide if you want to take it on-the-go.

- - -

While I understand to-do list management requires self-discipline, TeuxDeux or any other to-do list application may not be able to save you from yourself,  they can surely try and help you with productivity. – TeuxDeux demo video