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Intern Queen Obsessions - Kembrel

This is a guest post from my current Fall Intern & Campus Ambassador, Chandra Robrock. Chandra attends Florida State University and runs the blog,

Last night, I went to see the new movie "Social Network." In the movie, they mentioned that the main attraction behind Facebook compared to Myspace & Friendster was exclustivity. This instantly made me think of my newest obsession, Kembrel.

Kembrel is an online shopping website similar to Gilt Groupe, HauteLook & Billion Dollar Babes. All of these websites open up a sale on top brands such as French Connection or American Apparel. You can save up to 85% off but the sales only last for one or two days. They only offer a select number of each item so the earlier you browse the sale, the better your selection. Although the concept is essentially the same, there are a few key differences that keeps me coming back to Kembrel.

Kembrel is an online shopping designation created by college students, FOR college students. Every college student can agree that anytime we are bored or need to procrastinate studying, 9 times out of 10 you will find us wasting away our time on Facebook. Kembrel, although they have a website, is also a Facebook application meaning that you can be stalking your best friend back home one minute and the next, buying a fabulous party dress for your birthday weekend - it is literally that simple! Because you can access Kembrel's sales through Facebook, Kembrel does not require you to register for their website. As someone who has numerous email accounts, one less password to remember is a dream come true. Other online shopping sites sometimes require an invite in order to join. Kembrel only requires a Facebook!

So if you are a college fashionista like myself, make sure you check out Kembrel so the next time that you are procrastinating a huge paper or test, you can find the perfect outfit to match!