The Intern Queen On Re-Scheduling Interviews

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The Intern Queen On Re-Scheduling Interviews

Q: Dear Intern Queen,
I have been going on interviews for internships the past couple of weeks. I got an offer the day after I interviewed for one, and I really feel that it is right for me. I have two more interviews scheduled (one of which is tomorrow). I don&t feel that either of these places is what I&m looking for.
Is it rude to cancel an interview you already have scheduled?

A: Hi! I&m glad you are interviewing. You&ve reached a great step in the internship process! If you know that you are 100 percent ready to accept one offer, you can cancel the other interviews. Every executive&s schedule is valuable so making sure you don&t waste their time is crucial. Although they might be frustrated at first, you are helping them in the bigger picture. You can email them something like this:

(First Name) (Last Name),

Thank you so much for taking the time to schedule an interview with me. Unfortunately, I need to cancel our interview. I know your time is valuable and wanted to let you know that I received another internship offer that suits my interests. I&d love to stay in touch with you. Again, I appreciate your time.

(your name)