Intern Queen Secret Tip on Staying In Touch with Former Bosses

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Intern Queen Secret Tip on Staying In Touch with Former Bosses blog image

Intern Queen Secret Tip on Staying In Touch with Former Bosses

Our summer interns just started about two weeks ago at They are doing a fantastic job and I’ll continue to update readers on their progress. Not too long ago, our spring interns were wrapping up their internships. During their last few days, I wrote them letters of recommendation, created LinkedIn endorsements for them, and had several mentor conversations. As expected, a common question they had was, “how do we best stay in touch?” I challenged them to be ONE OF THE FIVE, a term they were unfamiliar with.

I’ve been running since September of 2009 and we’ve had interns almost every semester. That means, over the course of six years, I’ve worked with 1-3 students each semester. To date, I’ve probably worked with close to 40-50 interns! If someone asked me who my favorite interns of all time were, I’d probably come up with about five names, hence my advice, BE ONE OF THE FIVE.

When I think about the students I would name. I think, why these students? What are they doing to make sure I remember their names and reference them constantly? The commonality is that these five students go out of their way to stay in touch with me and to let me know what they are doing. They call me on my birthday, they send me notes around the holidays, they text me with questions a few times per year, they go out of their way to come to my events when I’m in their city, they send me at least three emails each year letting me know what they are up to.

Not only do these five students do a great job of staying in touch but they also go out of their way to let me know their career goals so that I can help them to the best of my ability. When you work with so many students so frequently, it’s hard to remember what everyone wants to do. The students who I’m always thinking about have gone out of their way to set calls with me to make sure I know exactly what their goals are and to keep me posted on the status of their career path. They also let me know what they are looking for and the types of opportunities they want to know about.

If you finished your spring or fall internship and haven’t been in touch, think to yourself, how can I be ONE OF THE FIVE? How can I reach out and get back in touch to make sure I’m always top of mind with employers?

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