Interning on a Budget

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Interning on a Budget

This Blog was written by Hilary Jurinak our Campus Ambassador from Columbia College Chicago. If you attend Columbia College and would like to blog for us comment below.

While interning on an unpaid internship, it defiantly can add stress and put a giant hole in your wallet. Here are a few tips I found while interning for free on how to stay out of the hole and still be comfortable in every day living.

Pack a lunch- It seems pretty generic, but by packing a lunch every day you save the urge to go out and spend money you don’t need to. This includes making sure you have something to drink or always having a water bottle stored at your desk. It saves a lot in the end.

Bring your own coffee- Yes, Starbucks may be convenient and very satisfying, but you’re well in debt of at least $15.00 dollars a week if you get one coffee each morning. Bring your own coffee or take advantage of the office coffee maker. There will always be free refills!

Find the cheapest commute- I had to commute to the center of downtown Chicago from the suburbs. I never properly did my research on how to directly get there and it cost me a lot of time and money of taking cabs and being late for work. Once I did my research, I found out that I was able to take the river taxi straight to where I worked and it was very affordable. So take the extra time to do your research and the cheapest commute. It might end up being very scenic as my boat rides became!

Shop from your closet- Some times starting a new internship can be intimidating and you feel you need an entire new wardrobe of new clothes. Try and stick to what you have. If you’ve had any prior job or internship experience, chances are you have the clothes you need to intern. Mix and match your outfits and you’ll have enough outfits to wear throughout your internship and still look great!