Interning in the Fashion Industry

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Interning in the Fashion Industry

This is a blog written by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Emily, from  the University of Minnesota. Do you  have a passion for fashion? Comment below

Top 5 Things I Learned Interning in the Fashion Industry

Looking back at my two summer fashion industry internships, I have decided to compile a list of everything that I have learned.
One of my internships is with a fashion designer and the other with a jewelry designer. One a large company, one a small. I do different things at each of them. They have helped to give me a well rounded perspective of working within the industry.
Along with the internships, I have gone to many fashion related events and have met other fashion interns at a variety of places such as magazines, PR firms, showrooms, and designers. All have helped me to compile this list. (They are in no particular order!)

1. Be There, Have A Smile, Be Eager
Be at your internship on time and on the days needed. I know a girl who requests like every Friday off, and that is not okay, your boss will remember that. Also smile, they want someone who, at least, looks like they are loving what they are doing (even if it is getting coffee). And be eager to learn, walk around the office and not only ask your supervisor but ask other employees if they need help with anything, you don&t want to just sit around.

2. It Really Isn&t Glamourous
The fashion industry is about as glamourous as an industry can get. Just on the outside though. On the inside it is run like any other business. As an intern in the fashion industry, you will get coffee, you will copy things, you will run errands in the 104 degree heat. But it isn&t all like this. You get to work on exciting projects and you get to see the newest collections before anyone else. You also meet amazing people and learn the real inter-workings of the industry.

3. The People
Both of my bosses are wonderful. And the actual paid workers are so nice (at least where I was). Sure we had to get coffee, but half the time we were told we could get ourselves a drink while on the run (but of course we always politely declined). It wasn&t nearly as cut throat as it was made out to be. If anything there is more cut-throatedness amongst the interns, but if you avoid drama it will avoid you.

4. You Have To Really Love It
You have to love what you do. In this industry the work days can last a long time, because everything is changing so fast. There are always new collabs and new seasons. Deadlines approach faster than you can imagine. Your creative mind needs to produce creative juice at a faster than-normal-person-rate. You need not be shy, and if you are FAKE IT.

5. Internships Are A Must
Who cares about your major? No one. Zippo. Notta. I follow Eva Chen of Teen Vogue on twitter. Her major was pre-med. She said other TVers were history and an assortment of non fashion related items. Internships are the single handedly the most important thing. And not just one of them, but two or three or even better... four! I&ve been applying for fall internships/jobs and after these two internships, I hear back almost immediately. Before it took more effort. Also, working in retail is important, especially if you want to be a buyer. You must familiarize yourself with clothing and read up on the latest fashion news. Go shopping- window shopping - just be familiar with clothing.

I hope this list helped someone, anyone.
If you have any questions about interning and/or fashion, don&t hesitate to ask me! I&d love to help!