Interning for JP Morgan Chase!

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Interning for JP Morgan Chase!

This interview was prepared by our Syracuse University Campus Ambassador, Thai

SU Student Profile - ALICE LIANG

Alice Liang is a senior at Syracuse University studying Information
Management and Technology. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY and will be
returning to the Big Apple upon graduation. Alice is an active member of
the Women in Technology organization and Syracuse University Outdoor

1. Where are you interning now?

I am currently a technology intern at JP Morgan Chase. I’ve been with the
firm since the summer of 2010 and have held a range of positions while
working full-time and part-time. I am currently in the Risk and Control

2. What are your duties and responsibilities at this internship?

I manage an application used by front-office bankers and investors.

3. How did you hear about this internship opportunity?

I heard about the internship through the Information School’s career
services. I was able to talk to current interns, get help with my resume and
prepare for my interview.

4. How have you been able to balance school and your internship?

Interning and doing well academically are both very demanding. It takes
time to find a balance between the two. I found that being organized (using
a planner!) helped make the adjustment a little easier.

5. What is the most rewarding part of your internship?

I love being able to see the work I produce in action and used by others.

6. Do you think internships are important? Why or Why not?

Internships are definitely important because they allow you to “get your
feet wet”. You get a better understanding of what work environment you
prefer, areas of self-improvement and how you can achieve your career

7. Would you say that your internship has prepared you for the “real world”
you’re about to enter?

Absolutely. My biggest takeaway from my internships has been
professionalism. I’ve learned not only how to communicate better but also
how to be an effective, contributing member to the firm.

8. What advice would you give other students who are looking for internships
in your field?

Don’t give up! There are various resources available to help you find
the right internship. A visit to career services or posting your resume or
portfolio online goes a long way.