Interning with Rachael Ray

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Interning with Rachael Ray

This is a blog post by Sara, our Campus Ambassador for the Fairleigh Dickinson university. Sara is a currently interning at The Rachael Ray show.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while your interning!

  1. Always be proactive! Every internship is different but at my internship my boss asks us to go on runs for the show, etc a lot. I’ve learned to try to volunteer as much as I can. Not only does it show my boss that I am reliable but I also get to know more people in different departments depending on who or what the run is for.
  2. Be ready and timely! It’s always important to not only get there on time, but as mentioned above. I always make sure I am ready for anything they tell me to do for the show! I have to go on runs a lot so I always try to get them done in a timely manner since its the entertainment business and everything is always fast paced. Also, if your internship needs you stay late to help with something- -go for it! It definitely helps you stand out and can only help you. It shows how passionate you are about the job! As Lauren always said, most internships ask to have you for 15-20 hours so make the most of the time while you are there!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! I’m from NJ but am still adjusting to traveling all around the city. I always make it a point to ask my peers and internship boss (especially if its for a run) questions. Whether it is asking where to go or just to double check or ask a general question regarding something. It not only helps you in the long run but it also shows that you’re an open person. At my previous internships, I have never been afraid to ask questions. I’m sure you’ve heard people say this many times, but you are always better safe then sorry!
  4. Dress to impress! Each internship is different some require business attire and others prefer casual wear, but make sure you come in dressed to impress! My internship is casual but I was sure to stock up on jeans and get some new clothes. After being there a few days I have adapted the “dress code”.
  5. SAVE SAVE SAVE! Last, especially if you are currently or looking into doing an unpaid internship, be sure to $ave! You never know if you need money for lunch or buying something on the way home. I worked over the summer but am also working a few more jobs so I can intern comfortably and get what I need to get while I am on campus. There are plenty of jobs that are part time out there and flexible with your class and internship hours! Especially if you are graduating in the May, it can help you save for post graduation as well if you work enough hours and budget accordingly!

Good luck and remember stay positive and proactive!!