Interning for the St. Louis Rams

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Interning for the St. Louis Rams

This is a very unique interview blog post written by our Campus Ambassador Jackie from the University of New Hampshire!

Shane Morin is a senior Communications major at the University of New Hampshire. Not only is he an amazing athlete and student, but also an admirable Intern. This past summer he utilized his studies and athletic knowledge as a coaching staff intern for the St. Louis Rams Football team! Morin is extremely personable, and made lasting connections not only with the staff, but even the players, living in a hotel with all them for about a month. His career future was shaped by this wonderful experience. Below is our interview:

1. How did you land such a wonderful internship?
My godfather is the head football coach at Temple University. Over the years he has made connections all throughout college and professional football. One of his good friends works for the St. Louis Rams.

2. What were your duties and assignments as a Rams intern? How did you make yourself an integral part of the coaching staff?
As I was the only intern for the coaching staff, my responsibilities ranged from making playbooks, to keeping stats on the sidelines to distributing player fines. I would say that because I was completing all of the little tasks for the whole staff, they had more time to focus on football therefore I became a key part of the organization.

3. What is the most exciting memory or occurrence that happened during your internship?
Running out of the tunnel with the team for the first pre-season game.

4. You seemed to have learned the importance of making lasting relationships...Can you share any advice you have on the subject?
You never know who you are talking to, or how important they are so always make a good impression.

5. Did this opportunity change your career goals in any way? In addition, how important do you think location flexibility is to success?
Yes, this internship changed my career goals. I know I wanted to work in sports but I did not think coaching was the path I would try to pursue. Location flexibility is huge in professional sports. Constantly are coaches being replaced therefore you have to be willing to move around.

6. Any take home points or advice you can share with other students currently participating in the internship application process based on your experience?
Work the connections you have.