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The Intern's Closet

This is a blog post by our University of Central Florida Campus Ambassador, Sara N.! If you attend the University of Central Florida and want to blog for our site, then comment below!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always envied Cher’s wardrobe in Clueless. I have also found myself jaw-dropped-drooling on my iPhone over Khole Kardashian’s shoe collection, which was featured  in ELLE. I am a fashion fanatic with both professional and personal style needs. Needless to say, I have a jam-packed closet. I&m curious interns, what are your wardrobes like? Are you in need of some summer editing? (I say &editing& because the phrase ‘getting rid of’ is just too heartbreaking.)

Here are some items to keep if you have, or head out to the shops for if you don’t!

Skinnies: Yes, the skinny jean is what I’m referring to. Skinnies are flattering on almost all body types and come in a plethora of colors. Is denim an office no-no? Rock your way into your boss’ good graces with white skinnies! White allows for a fresh, fashion-forward yet professional look.

Blazer: The blazer is possibly one of my favorite garments. Is your look a little bland? Did you wear that LBD last week? Have no fear; colored blazers are here to add flare to your outfit! Ranging in colors and lengths, there is a blazer for everyone! Turquoise, red or even yellow blazers are sure to help you win the title of ‘Most Fashionable’ around the office.

Shoes: When I think of the word &shoes,& I think of the number three, as in, three essential styles: the classic Steve Madden black pump, Tory Burch ballet flats, and the casual Sam Edelman Gigi flat. With these three fabulous shoe styles in your wardrobe, you’re sure to be ready for any internship occasion.

Tops: I’m sure you’ve taken a look in your closet and realized that most of your tops are either too casual or too fancy for a day at the office. Try looking in your boyfriend’s closet for some inspiration. Seriously. From the runway to the busy streets of NYC, the button-up has been on the rise. Whether it’s a three-quarter sleeve or full arm’s length button-up, this shirt style allows for a sleek, classy and confident look.

There you have it, interns. Now you can make sure your wardrobe is stocked with the most essential internship items!