Internship Cheat Sheet: Apps for Succeeding in your Internship

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Internship Cheat Sheet: Apps for Succeeding in your Internship

This blog is written by Hillary, our campus ambassador from Virginia Tech!

For those who have completed an internship before, you&re probably well aware that it is not always easy. Though an internship can be tough at times, there are certain tools out there that can make your life easier. Looking back on my past interning experiences, I realized that there were four apps in particular that had a tendency to swoop in and &save the day& pretty often:

Evernote- This lifesaving app allows you to take notes and access them from virtually anywhere. Besides being highly accessible, this app allows you to create different notebooks and tags, so you can stay organized. Not only can you take notes with this handy app, you can also create a to-do list. As an intern, this app will become your lifesaver when it comes to prioritizing.

Dropbox- Like Evernote, Dropbox is also accessible from nearly everywhere. It basically works as a virtual flash drive, allowing you to never have to worry about losing any information you have stored. If you&re interning in an office, I would highly recommend this app for bringing in proposals, PowerPoints, or any other virtual work for your employer.

Skype- When it comes to Skype and internships, Skype comes in handy if you are working remotely. When your internship is purely online, it is definitely helpful to be able to conduct a video conference with your boss. Skype also allows for screen sharing and file sharing, which can also be very useful.

LinkedIn- Most people are familiar with the professional social network LinkedIn. What you may not know, is that they offer an app that allows you access to LinkedIn from anywhere. For an intern whose always on the go, this app is a must. Staying connected to those you network with is a vital part of an internship, and this app makes staying connected simple.