The Internship Coordinator Just Isn’t Getting Back to Me...

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The Internship Coordinator Just Isn’t Getting Back to Me... blog image

The Internship Coordinator Just Isn’t Getting Back to Me...

A student emailed me explaining that she had been in touch with the internship coordinator from the company of her dreams. The internship coordinator has her resume and told her that she would pass her resume along to other hiring managers to see if anything was available. She hasn’t heard back from the internship coordinator in a few weeks. What does she do?

This is a common situation. You have contact (which is great) but that contact isn’t giving you exactly what you want (an internship opportunity with the company – or at least an interview!). This is frustrating, I know! You feel like you are so close. Here is my advice on how to handle the situation:

1. Follow Up Again. After the internship coordinator says she’ll “pass along your resume” – give her two weeks to do so. Make a note on your calendar and follow up two weeks later. Forward the original email with your resume on it and say, “Hi ____, I just wanted to follow up on this note and see if any hiring managers were interested in scheduling an interview. I’m really hoping to be able to interview for an internship position with your company. Best, ____.”

2. What’s Your Plan B? In my book , I have a document that I love called the Intern Queen Dream List. The list encourages you to apply for at least ten internships every semester. Do some research on your dream company and determine who their competitor companies might be. Apply to intern at those companies as well.

3. Look for Alumni Connections. Have you gone on LinkedIn to identify any connections you might have with other employees at the company? If you find someone who went to your school you could reach out and try to set an informational interview. You could make this person aware that you are trying to land an internship at the company and see if there is anything they can do to help.

4. Career Center Connections. Don’t underestimate the power of your career center. Their job is to know people and build relationships with companies to help land you jobs and internships. Make an appointment with the career center ASAP and go through your dream list and similar companies.

5. Keep the Contact. Worse case scenario – this internship coordinator doesn’t get back to you and you don’t get an internship with the company. You will survive. But don’t let the contact get away from you. Even if this internship coordinator isn’t able to help you NOW, doesn’t mean she won’t be able to help you somewhere along the road. It’s a long career path. Remember, rejection doesn’t mean never, it just means not right now.

Good luck! For more internship advice, read my book: ALL WORK, NO PAY.