Internship FAQ's!

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Internship FAQ's!

I’ve been running Intern Queen since 2009! I have met many students who have completed all kinds of internships! Over the years all of you have come to to read all my content about resumes, cover letters, interviews and more!

I know our #InternQueenFamily has continued to grow and a lot of our students are now alumni! I’m so proud. I get so many emails from students who just want to keep in touch (remember my rule, 3 times per year) and I love talking to those students and hearing about all the amazing things they are doing!

Most of those students are now avid visitors of our sister site (for grads). As I know many of you are new to the internship world, I thought I’d do a basic video answering some common internship questions.

Believe it or not, many students don’t know what an internship is, if they should include a cover letter, or what is needed to complete an internship! Lucky for all of you, I’m more than happy to answer all of your questions. After all, I’m here to help connect you with the internship of your dreams!

Speaking of landing your dream internship, there are a lot of companies out there already looking for Spring interns (they usually like hiring students before Thanksgiving break!) I have a full list of those companies HERE!

Hope you enjoy the video!!