Internship Success Ft. Michelle Phan!

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Internship Success Ft. Michelle Phan! blog image

Internship Success Ft. Michelle Phan!

Happy Friday! I recently collaborated with the one and only Michelle Phan on a career series called "Career Talk"! 

In the first video, we talked about how to get an internship! I shared all my tips and answered some viewer questions in regards to making the process of finding an internship much easier. 

A few days ago, the second video in the series went live. In this video, we talk about being successful once you land the internship. I want to emphasize the importance of not only sticking to that first impression but also maintaining a positive image once you are actually completing the internship. 

Make sure to watch the video below and let me know what you think. I had so much fun filming with Michelle! I learned so much from her and truly had a great time! 


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Lauren Berger 

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