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  • Advertising, Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Graphic Design, Internet & Media, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Web Development
  • Summer
  • Jinchang Shi, Gansu Sheng
  • 2016

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About My China : 


Are you looking for that perfect experience that will boost your career outlook and resume to the next level? Interning in China can make that happen.

China’s creative industries are flourishing & growing, as the country transitions from “made in China” to “designed in China.” With this change, comes an immense amount of opportunity for young designers looking to gain entry into one of the fastest growing markets.

MCO China internships is a program provider that helps students and young professionals gain entry to China’s job market. We offer a range of programs for every budget and expected experience.

Here are a few example internships, apply to our program for detailed info and please note which company you are interested in. Besides these companies, we have partnered with many other competitive companies.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Entertainment / Animation with DMG Entertainment

DMG is China's largest entertainment and media organization with holdings across several motion pictures, media, television, digital, finance, and entertainment-themed property.

DMG Entertainment is a film studio responsible for production and distribution of 'Iron Man 3', 'Looper', 'Founding ofa Republic ", and" Go Lala Go! ", And the distribution of Hollywood blockbusters zoals' Twilight ',' Resident Evil 4 ',' Knowing 'and' RED '.

Animation Internship at Black Dragon Entertainment

Black Dragon Entertainment was co-founded by Marvel comic drawer Walter A. McDaniel. The studio was founded on an interest to kickstart the Chinese animation industry, with an interest in China's culture and history at heart.

Product and Graphic Design Internship

We are an innovation agency. We create memorable products and communication systems. They are powered by their people; a culturally diverse, energized group of innovation activists, original thinkers and passionate practitioners.

Located in Beijing’s CBD, we understand that innovation lies at the intersection of different ideas and skills, which is why we spread our creative insights and craft across various fields to be best positioned to learn and adapt to new opportunities.

Product Design

Integrating our design and engineering development, breeds an efficient and synergistic system that produces higher quality designs and faster time to market. By adopting a cross-disciplinary, iterative approach and testing early via simulations and prototypes, memory ensures concepts and designs are both thorough and compelling.

Branding & Identity

Based in China, we have a unique ‘global’ outlook – being able to gain insight and apply unique and impactful brand and identity programs for both local and international clients; from logo marks to full identity systems. 

Editorial Assistant Intern with Vogue China (Digital Edition)

Vogue Interns are exposed to fashion magnates, celebrities, top models and fashion events. For this reason, Vogue ensures that every intern it appoints is mature, sophisticated, professional and good at multitasking. Being a part of the fashion world, interns working at Vogue develop a great sense of style and gain strong fashion savvy etiquette. You get to be surrounded by amazing fashion statements and proudly be part of the world’s leading fashion publication. By the end of your internship program, you will be prepared for the arduous road into the fashion industry.

Fashion Merchandising Internship


 We are a leading Chinese e-commerce company and retail brand that specializesinfashion and design from independent designer. We have over 500,000 registered members, 26,000 SKUs, and 800+ designer partners worldwide. Yetang sells a variety of lifestyle merchandise from apparel, bags, shoes and home décor.

 To assist the Senior Buyer in the day-to-day management of products, such as uploading content, researching designers and trends. This is ahands-on training position grooming the individual to join the Yetang staff as a future buyer.

Fashion Design Internship

Pillow books are titillating works of art created in ancient China as illustrated guides for adventurous love play. It later became customary wedding gifts to advise young newlyweds in pursuing the pleasures of love and thus, plantednear matrimonial pillows.  Today, this tradition bears the seed of PILLOWBOOK creating an alternative design aesthetic with a healthy dose of eroticism to inspire our lovers to seduce, pleasure and empower.


Featured in the LOUIS VUITTON City Guide 2014 recommend you to shop by for an intimate bespoke experience.

Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week