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  • Fall
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  • 2012

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At Bottlerocket, shopping for wine is made intuitive. And fun!

We organize our selection of 365 wines by theme, helping you find wines according to what you want to do with them. Ordering take-out tonight? Make a bee-line to the oversized Chinese food container, perched on top of a display, and check out the tightly edited selection of wines. All were chosen for their compatibility with local take-out menus.

Looking for a standout gift? One of eighteen theme-based display islands proposes twenty picks in all price ranges. Four choices at the island range from "Someone you barely know" to "The Boss". Each of these categories offers 5 different wines from around the world at varying prices. The entire inventory is also arranged by country of origin along one wall of the store.

Bottlerocket presents wine as an easygoing pleasure. The back of the handsome 2,500 square foot space has seating and a substantial library of wine and cookbooks for sale and reference. Every bottle has an informative card displayed alongside giving customers vital facts, tasting notes and ratings. At check out, customers automatically get this information to go.

The spirit of the store is decidedly next generation; environmentally friendly "green" materials were used whenever possible, a children's nook with toys and books invites lingering, a water bowl and biscuits are set out for visiting dogs, and staff training clearly emphasizes celebration not intimidation. Bottlerocket seeks to empower the wine consumer, one bottle at a time.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Before reading any further, please realize that this is an unpaid internship.

However, there are many perks: (1) You will be invited to participate in staff only, in-store tastings, (2) You will be allowed to attend industry tastings throughout the city as part of the team, (3) When assisting with a class, you will be basically taking the class, thus adding to your tasting experiences as we typically cover 6 different wines each time, (4) You will learn about the wines as you teach others about them at tastings, (5) You will be exposed to projects that will help you learn about the various parts of the three-tier structure here in New York and (6) You will be eligible for the staff discount on wines and spirits here in the store.

The following jobs will be performed:

Classes: Times vary but typically they occur in the evenings on weekdays from 5:30pm until 8:30pm. You would be responsible for setting up for the class. Then you would sit in on the class as a student/instructors assistant. Then you would help clean up after the class.

Wine Tastings: You must be available on Thursdays from 5pm-ish to 8pm and/or Saturday from 4:30pm to 8pm. You will need to come in before your shift to learn about the wines you will be pouring so that you can present them to others. When the tasting is over, you will be required to help clean up the glasses, as we all do here.

Editing Documentation: We have a number of documents, internal and external that need editing and proofreading.

Website Usability Issues: The website must be checks for usability and content issues on a regular basis, you would be part o the team tasked with completing a checklist every two weeks. To do this, you must be comfortable working on multiple web browsers and pay strict attention to detail as part of the review process.

Photography: We need someone to help maintain the photography on our website. This includes collecting and shooting the bottles. Then editing the images and posting them online. The project requires basic photography skills. The person doing this will become very familiar with our wine selection. It will require dealing with distributor and wine information, so you will learn a lot about the different wines carried in the store.

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week