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  • Business
  • Fall
  • New York, NY
  • 2014

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About AlleyNYC: 

AlleyNYC is the most supportive and dynamic office space and community on the planet for early stage businesses, start ups, and entrepreneurs of all types. First and foremost, we are bullish about working to address the needs of every member of our network that includes you. In addition to offering desks, office space, conference rooms and a bevy of amenities and perks that rival most Fortune 500 companies we actively work to bridge the gap between our members' innovative ideas and a stable blossoming business. AlleyNYC is where human talent, ingenuity, and sourcing capital come together.

Every member of our team is entrepreneurial in spirit, we work hard and play hard. We're to have fun but most importantly we're here to very seriously drive our members of our office community (and one another) forward. We've built this company over the last two years from the ground up and we’re excited about where we’re headed. We want people who share our vision and want to contribute to it.

Finally regardless of your role. You will be integral in helping us further grow this place into a space where everyone is family; where you know everyone’s name, where everyone looks forward to seeing you and one another every day.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

We’re currently looking for an associate/apprentice* (formerly known as intern) to join our team and support management in rolling out and sustaining new initiatives and programs intended to bolster our existing community and achieve organizational objectives. Absolutely great challenging stuff. Nothing too shabby.

Apply if you have ambitions to start your own company some day. If you love meeting new people and genuinely want to make life easier for people starting companies and building the kind of things that will make us all say wow.

Apply if you prefer to "connect" with people over "networking" with people. Said another way, providing VALUE, over collecting business cards, phone numbers and emails. VALUE > Everything.

Still interested? Well read on my friend ...


-Develop key initiatives with regular support of AlleyNYC management

-Conceive in detail execution of a project from beginning to delivery

-Researching a core initiative/program and executing on it.

-Design internal and external collateral (case studies, pitches, etc)

-Help source leads and contacts for potential outreach

-Provide support to our partners and growing community by responding to inbound questions

-Provide documentation and FAQ’s to improve the on-boarding experience for our partners

-Assist with the training and coaching of the entire team

-Learn about new tech


-Knowledge of the NYC startup, creative, and entrepreneurial community

-Must be willing to initiate tasks and perform duties without direction

-Must have outstanding customer service and problem solving skills

-Analytical ability to suggest methods and avenues for improvement to processes

-Must have superior organizational skills

-Ability to multi-task, prioritize and handle customer service requests with excellent communication skills.

-Uber note taker.

-Must have excellent communication skills and be able to work with a wide range of personalities

-Judgment / tact in dealing with questions from our external partners

-Professional and personable phone and email etiquette

-Computer Savvy i.e. Dropbox, Google apps/docs, Excel

-Must be willing to learn Asana (check it out at, it’s glorious and we use it to manage every project)

-Must own or have regular access to a laptop computer

-Willing to commit to 3 days per week (15-40 hours a week)

-You believe that the only thing “beneath you” is the ground you walk or run or roll on, nothing else.

Do not apply:

-if you live outside of NYC during the term of the internship

-if you only need a seasonal short term internship. We need people who can commit. Most current AlleyNYC employees started as interns

-if you just want to sit in a chair all day

-If you are not able to receive college course credit for this apprenticeship/internship

-if you need money (don't get us wrong, we'll take care of you but this is bigger than that)

-If you don’t like solving problems, teaching and presenting your ideas to other people

-if you just wanna be “down”

-if your favorite performers are Benzino or Tila Tequila or Paris Hilton.

***YOU'RE ESPECIALLY AWESOME IF: You’ve lead or started an organization in the past


-This is a PAID internship (however most expenses including travel are covered)


-We will write RECOMMENDATION LETTERS that would make President Obama want you to run for office

Benefits & Perks: 

This role as with every role at the Alley may lead to a full-time employment at the end of a 90 day term.

“Internship” is a state of mind. You get what you put in. Good luck!


Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week