Thank you for your interest in this internship! We are no longer accepting applicants at this time.

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  • Fashion, Marketing, Social Media
  • Fall
  • San Jose, CA
  • 2015

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About Silverlabs: 

99% of us aren't fashion divas or models. But, we do have the desire to feel good about how we look everyday. As consumers, we don't buy everyday and when we do, we crave a highly personal experience! Vue was born with this mission of making style personal and accessible to the 99% of us.

Vue is a personal fashion network composed of friends, stylists and stylepals. It is a place where the average girl can exchange ideas and get suggestions about styling that is personalized to her in unique ways. We focus on fashion as it relates to you instead of the exclusive promotions of model-looks that fashion has been made out to be in our world so far.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

As a campus ambassador for Vue, you will have the following responsibilities:

- Be a curator on our app and share your style of the day or what to wear dilemmas!
- Engage with other people's styles and what to wear questions. The goal here is to compliment good styles and enter into conversations around personal style choices.
- Be the voice of Vue on blogs and college magazines or other suitable media
- Evangelize and promote the app with other people on campus

An ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

- Have a passion for fashion
- Have prior experience in campus ambassador roles
- Have experience and exposure writing for blogs and other media that have collegiate exposure
- Understand how to use social media (Instagram, Snapchat) to create a buzz around a vision
- Any experience being a stylist or working in retail is a plus.

Benefits & Perks: 

We are a team of disruptive thinkers and innovators that share a deep passion for technology and people. We are committed to building a diverse company and and above all, a diverse community on Vue, where you will be the nucleus of your style needs. More importantly, you'll never wonder about how you look ever again!

Be part of our early team and help grow a community that is all about helping others feel beautiful everyday!

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week