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  • Summer
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  • 2011

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Please read below........ It may only change your life!
Have you ever wanted to make a truly profound impact on the environment?
Now you can! Team up with a global leader to make an immediate impact on an epic scale. You can have a direct involvement in the prevention of the burning of millions of tons of coal each year.
Columbus Nova Environmental Intern Program provides an education-in-the-workplace opportunity where students will be involved in global programs that will have an immediate impact on the planet.
Columbus Nova is an investment management firm with over $2.5 billion of assets under management, and locations around the world. Columbus Nova is committed to taking an active leadership role in the environmental issues that the world is facing today.
Our aim is to find and foster synergies between new technologies, mindful consumers, power companies, environmental groups and financial institutions. The first sector that we have identified where we can make a monumental change is lighting. A quarter of the world's energy is consumed by lighting. The average streetlight alone consumes the equivalent of 3 pounds of coal every day.
Groups and individuals all across the world are uniting efforts to make a change. We are offering you an opportunity to guide and inspire that movement and make sure it is focused in the right direction.
The simple bottom line is, the more people we convert to this energy saving, the better off our planet will be. The environmental benefits to all of us are immense, for example, if we can change one million light bulbs that is equivalent to reducing fifty thousand cars from our roads.

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12-15 Hours Per Week