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  • Advertising, Business, Marketing, Public Relations
  • Spring
  • 成都市, 四川省
  • 2015

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About Sichuan Internships and Immersion Programs: 

We offer highly customized programs to students, universities, and other institutions looking to gain an in-depth understanding of China’s current business environment from one of China’s most exciting and quickly developing cities, and what is known as the Heart of China: Chengdu, Sichuan.

Our Chengdu-based Internship Programs, Chinese Language Programs and Academic-Business Programs aim not only to educate and provide insight but also to get you actively involved in everyday life, business and culture in China.

As SII has already been operating in China for many years, we know the business scene in Chengdu and are constantly adapting and improving our programs to match the pace of the evolving Chinese market. Our team is a winning blend of Chinese and foreigners. We are not 9-5 workers, and we love what we do because our company always leaves room for flexibility and innovation.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS EXPERIENCE by going abroad to CHINA! Consider interning in one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and gain an invaluable experience. We put time and effort into finding the most suitable internship positions for each intern. We take your interests, career goals, and time frame into careful consideration to present you with the best position possible. Check out our video testimony of a previous intern below!

INDUSTRIES: IT, High Tech, Law, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, Event Management, and International Business.

QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma (some college preferred), ages 21-29 ONLY, must be able to move abroad for 6+ months, various skills required for the different positions (more info can be given upon applying), must have a current passport, adaptable to new cultures, must be fluent in English (Chinese is beneficial but not a requirement)

Starts at $650 for the basic package and includes: visa application guidance, apartment guidance, 24/7 support team during your stay in China, airport pick up and drop off service, aid with public transportation, aid in bank account set up, survival Chinese classes, networking events.

CHINESE FRIEND PROGRAM (fees do apply, check out our website for more details):
In addition to your business internship, you may want to consider combining it with our Chinese Friend Program. This program is specially designed to help our interns get acquainted with the Chinese language and culture. You will be able to have a personal Chinese student as your mentor and friend. Here are the benefits:
-Chinese language course - two Chinese language private lessons every week, two hours per class - taught by your Chinese friend in your home.
-Chinese study materials
-Administrative assistance throughout your internship- your Chinese friend will help find an apartment, negotiate prices, handle the local service providers, show you where to buy essentials, etc. They will be available to assist you throughout your entire stay in China.
-Cultural immersion – discover interesting places in the city, experience the rich nightlife of Chengdu, and grow to love Sichuanese cuisine. Your Chinese friend will share with you insights about Chinese culture, and if you really hit it off, they will probably even invite you to join a family dinner in their homes!
-A life-long friend

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