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  • 2013

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Emerging Globe Group LLC is a specialized executive search firm serving the needs of the emerging markets financial sectors. We place finance professionals with specialized knowledge and experience of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and South Africa with banks all over the world, including New York, Miami, South America, Mexico, Europe Africa and Asia. Our Clients are both from the buy-side and sell-side: US commercial and investment banks, European banks as well as regional firms. We travel extensively to these regions and work with the very best clients and candidates.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Emerging Globe is looking to bring on an intern. The position would be in the area of research. The research would entail sourcing candidates, gathering the information on the candidates for particular mandates. Various means of research will be available to the intern.

Emerging Globe is looking for a researcher. Someone with tenacity, strong organization skills, and is very task oriented. Fluency in Spanish or Portuguese not a requirement but would be a plus. This is a great net working opportunity for someone who is looking to get out into the world in the couple of years.

Benefits & Perks: 


Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week