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  • Internet & Media, Journalism, Marketing, Social Media
  • Summer
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 2019

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About Rumbl: 

Rumbl is a short video discussions platform. It is the future of video - short, vertical videos meant to be created and watched on your phone! It is the evolution of YouTube you’ve been waiting for!

Rumbl is creating a community where you can express yourself, voice your opinions, just talk, vlog, react, perform, or create a new show!

Rumbl comes from an ex-Google team with a vision to democratize journalism, talk shows, and more.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

As a Rumbl growth associate, you will:

* Have a knack of telling stories

* Have prior experience selling your ideas to people

* Be an out of the box thinker

* Be knowledgeable in current events and pop culture

* Have a passion for videos

* Have an engaging personality who can make people listen

* Be exceptionally outgoing and self driven

* Have a well rounded and nuanced take on things

* Be a video creator yourself

Intern Payment: 
Paid Internship
Internship Description of Duties: 
As a growth associate, you will drive the adoption of Rumbl at large scale. Love YouTube, but you can see the future being about short videos made for the phone? You’re in the right place! You will be responsible for coming up with low cost marketing strategies that will build visibility for Rumbl and execute it to bring grass roots growth. This may involve visiting high schools and college campuses, writing to magazines, posting on various outlets around the internet including Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, other social media, create snapchat stories about it, holding community meetings to attract college and high school students, etc. You will also be a prolific user of Rumbl yourself, creating and sharing videos with friends and your own social media outlets. We are looking for energetic and passionate marketing students who want to be part of making the next big thing happen. As a Rumbl growth associate, your responsibilities include: * Creating digital ads * Grassroots visibility campaigns - from idea to execution * Creating digital communities * Building social media presence * Coming up with novel ideas for exponential growth * Contribute to improving the user experience and product evolution of Rumbl
Hours Required: