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About Haiwei Career Services Co., Ltd: 

Haiwei Career focuses on serving students with their employment in China and entrepreneurial needs for international talents. It provides a range of services to help students get great experience in China with no complications. Haiwei Career is the only dedicated platform in the New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU) in China, which is the biggest Chinese educational group, founding in 1993.

China Corporate Internship Program, operaed by Haiwei Career, gives students and recent college graduates a professional pathway for their career by interning in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu in China and ensures that they will receive training compatible with their employment and/or educational history. Program durations include 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks. 

This is a program not just simply to connect you to guaranteed internship opportunity in China but a full cultural immersion experience. During the whole process, what you can get is more than international working experience, but valuable social networking relationships that would be gained from our monthly social networking activities. Besides, by attending cultural activity and tour, you can easily get in touch with true Chinese culture.

We will be with you throughout as you learn, develop and explore this amazing and mysterious country and become fully immersed in its culture, history and endless opportunities. Come with us and we’ll help you forge memories, friendships and opportunities that will last a lifetime.

Interns have a variety of industries and sectors where to choose from, such as marketing, business, trade, IT and engineering. Internship positions will be tailored to the interns’ interests and background. Interns can have the certainty that that the Haiwei Career team will work hard at every step to guarantee the best experience while their time in China, for this reason our program has a cost.

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Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 


Age: 18-28 years old

English level: at least B1

No mandarin skills required 

Supporting Services:

To make your China experience as worry-free as possible, we provide a range of services for the entire duration of your program: from the initial consultation right up until the end of your program, from your home to China, from preparation to graduation.


We have rich experience helping you organize your documents to travel to China.


We will pick you up from the airport, take you straight to your accommodation.


Upon arrival, we will provide you with a comprehensive orientation to all of China’s dos and don’ts.


Our welcome pack contains SIM card, travel card, city guide/mandarin book so you can be ready for anything!


Our experienced foreign and Chinese staff are available onshore to respond to any issues you may face in adapting to life in China. 


We’ll show you around town so you can feel like a local.


We organize monthly cultural and social activities so you can discover the best of what China has to offer.


Wow your future employers with your Chinese skills and reference letter to showcase how much you really accomplished during your time in China.


We work with some of the most reputable language learning centres in China. We’ll work with you and with the school to ensure you have a Mandarin learning course that suits your ability and schedule.


You can get the best value for money in this modern Western-style apartment located in the city centre. You will have your own comfortable bedroom and share a kitchen, living room and bathroom with one or two other roommates. These could be a friendly Chinese local who is keen to make foreign friends or another visitor exploring the wonders of China. Apartments are fully furnished with all the amenities you might need throughout your stay in China.

• Own bedroom in a shared apartment living with other interns or young professionals/students.

• Centrally located and in close proximity to public transportation and affordable dining options

• Shared bathrooms

• Electricity, water and Internet provided as part of the Program fees

• May include kitchen, microwave, washing machine, TV

Benefits & Perks: 

For those who have never visited, it’s difficult to imagine what life in China might be like. Here are some things you can come to expect during your adventure.

1. Countless opportunities in large enterprises

2. Lead a busy and enriched life

3. Obtain valuable working experience and develop life skills

4. Study Mandarin with foreigners from every corner of the globe

5. Visit some of the world’s most recognizable and breathtaking landmarks

6. Fall in love with China’s diverse and scrumptious cuisine

7. Immerse yourself in the unique and ancient culture of China

8. Experience life in an innovative country that outperforms all others in production and efficiency

9. Live amongst some of the most hospitable people in the world

Intern Payment: 
Paid Internship
Internship Description of Duties: 
Currently, we operate China internships in Beijing,Shanghai and Chengdu. Industries we offer include: Architecture Bioscience Trade & Logistics IT Green Energy Tourism & Travel Engineering Law Finance & Accounting Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Marketing, PR & Advertising Education & Translation Business & Consulting HR & Administration Media & Creative Industries
Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week