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  • Web Development
  • Fall
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  • 2011

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If you know who Sxephil, Whatthebuck, thehill88, iJustine, Nalts, Venetian Princess or Shaycarl are keep reading. We may have a lot to talk about. If you don't this is not right for you. HITVIEWS started three years ago as the first company to find revenue opportunities for a new breed of celebrities: Online video webstars. Today we are looking for Fall Interns who understand this vital phenomenon. You must be able to write, think for your self and LOVE what we do.
We are looking for three interns:One to manage the content of our soon-to-be launched public website.
Develop a very special new product focused on the power and influence of webstars.One to search the internet for new stars and to track vital activities of current stars.
You will develop contacts through our company that will position you way ahead of your peers for jobs in Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, product placement. Must be in New York City.
We will give you a new laptop. Pay for your internet access. Fill out all the paperwork necessary for you to get credit and a stipend for a job well done at the end of the semester. EEO.
This is NOT a tech job. It is a show business, content opportunity and will put you at the cutting edge of successful social media.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

HITVIEWS is a business to business company. BUT we are starting a public website. The public website will require constant updating with aggregation of online videos, news about online web video trends and popularity charts. You will be in charge of this. You will also troll the internet for new online video stars. This is a content job---not coding, no knowledge of technology required. You will make sure our contributing bloggers get their material in on time and you will proof it.
Should know about online video webstars. Must be able to hit deadlines and work on your own. This website will be “yours.”

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week