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  • 2011

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I am that girl is a socially conscious, empowerment company for the young “Passionistas” of the world. i am that girl is on the forefront of social change, global awareness and female empowerment. The iatg team is made up of progressive, passionate women who positively represent and influence this Generation. We are dedicated to motivating the future female innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders of the world by inspiring authentic confidence in women everywhere. That Girl stands strong in her beliefs and understands the power of her ability to positively impact our world.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Executive Assistant Intern Duties:
• Unparalleled organizational skills
• Trustworthiness with our contacts
• Confidence to be treated as an equal, to handle serious pressure, ask questions when need to and independent enough to not need “hand holding”
• Creative ideas- comes to the table with ideas, potential improvements to the current system and willingness to be heard and take initiative
• Comprehensive understanding of our brand
• Acute attention to detail
• Strong writing/ verbal skills
• A resourcefulness and innovation to proactively find solutions to potential problems
• A willingness to wear countless hats, an unwavering resilience, positive attitude and awesome sense of humor
• Serious bravado. Willingness to be thrown any situation and have the confidence to handle it with class, responsibility and professionalism
• Answer phones, schedule meetings, follow up emails
• Rote company errands (checking PO Box, Faxing, picking up/ dropping off packages)
Overall executive assistant: research, relationships, surveying audience, taking notes at meetings, filming B Role on a flip cam, scheduling intern interviews

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week