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About PINC International: 

PINC International offers Internship & Immersion Programs to Spain for young women in college. Our mission is to help bridge the gender gap by giving young women a competitive edge on their resume with international experience. All programs consist of language learning, cultural immersion, career development, and access to executives in various fields. PINC International is the only female-focused program in Spain and has been working with students from over 22+ universities across the United States since 2013.

8-week Summer Internship

2-week Summer Immersion

PINC is for young women (+18) who want to live abroad, practice Spanish, network with professionals, build hard and soft skill sets and experience Spain like a local. Throughout our programs, PINC participants grow from American ambassadors to global citizens as they immerse in a new culture abroad. After PINC, students return home with a competitive edge on their resumes, confidence in interviews and a network of strong, professional women for life. PINC believes that empowering and educating young women on an international level is the key to bridging the gender gap and building innovative leaders of the future!


Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Program Dates are Saturday, May 19, 2018 – Saturday, July 14, 2018

Jumpstart your summer with PINC International's flagship 8-week internship program in Madrid, Spain! The program consists of:

  • - 1 week of intensive Spanish courses (25+ hours)
  • - 6 weeks of internship placement 
  • - Career development workshops
  • - 3 days in Barcelona
  • >  Transportation
  • >  Housing
  • >  Breakfast
  • >  Sagrada Familía
  • >  Park Güell
  • >  Barceloneta Beach Picnic
  • - Day trip to Segovia
  • > Transportation 
  • > Photo-op by the famous aqueduct
  • > Entrance to the Segovia cathedral
  • - Networking
  • - Mentorship
  • - Community service
  • - Independent exploration
  • - Executive Access
  • - Freedom to travel on the weekends and enjoy all that Madrid has to offer!

PINC is more than just an internship, it's a program designed to give you the real experience of living and working in the cosmopolitan city of Madrid. 

After the program, you receive access to executives in various fields. These experienced professionals will offer our students invaluable career guidance and coaching through a 30-minute informational interview.

Price Includes central and clean housing, international insurance & international student discount card (valid for one year), light breakfast, SIM card with data, PINC app, pre-departure orientation, welcome pack, airport pick up, welcome luncheon, and a 24/7 onsite coordinator solely for all PINC students. This does not include flight & lunch/dinner. 



When assessing your application, PINC staff complete a comprehensive assessment of your major/minor, your interests, your past experiences and your career goals. Based on this information, we arrange an internship placement that maximizes the insight and value you will gain from your time in Madrid. PINC International works with various international companies in Madrid, in a variety of departments, to match our interns with the best fit for their personal profiles.

PINC programs are open to anyone 18 years or older. We focus on attitude and aspirations to become part of the PINC legacy – and we don’t use that word lightly! We look for young women interested who are want to grow by immersing themselves in a foreign language, exploring another culture, making connections, and doing it all with a positive attitude. PINC women are dedicated to developing their careers and changing the world with a global vision. All our interns have one thing in common – the drive to make their time abroad count.

Benefits & Perks: 

PINC International offers a full 360-degree experience before, during and after your time in Spain!

What you will take away from the program:

- Challenge yourself in a new culture and language

- Gain valuable relationships and be part of a community

- Stand out resume with international experience

- Develop soft skills that employers desire on teams

- Build confidence personally and professionally

- Connect and network with our Executive Access feature!

Want to learn more? Read student and parent reviews and watch this video from past students about their life-changing experiences with PINC!

Intern Payment: 
Unpaid Internship
Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week