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  • Business, Web Development, unknown
  • Spring
  • 成都市, 四川省
  • 2015

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Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY in Chengdu, China is looking for IT interns in the following positions:

-Data Analyst
-Quality Specialist
-Front End Web Designer

(about $500, room and meals not included)

QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma (some college preferred), ages 21-29 ONLY, should be currently studying the IT field, must be able to move abroad for 6+ months, various skills required for the different positions (more info can be given upon applying), must have a current passport, adaptable to new cultures, must be fluent in English (Chinese is beneficial but not a requirement)

Regular Tasks Undertaken by Intern:
1. Assist to develop the main product key index of performance and user behaviors.
2. Assist to develop an analyzing system for visualization and user-friendly interface.
3. Regularly publish the report of analysis of product improvement and user trends.
4. Cooperate with development team and QA Team.

Regular Tasks Undertaken by Intern:
1. Implementation of new HTML5 Apps Front-End with CSS / HTML5 / Java-script.
2. Refactoring the existing HTML5 Apps by responsive web design approach.
3. Design the Pad-style HTML5 Apps for the existing products.
4. Cooperate with development team and QA Team.

Regular Tasks Undertaken by Intern:
1. Identify key operation matrix for various mobile applications.
2. Collect and analyze critical operation matrix.
3. Assist to create marketing campaign.
4. Problem solving in operational obstacles.
5. Negotiate and cooperate with other departments and/or business divisions.

Regular Tasks Undertaken By Inter:
1. Assist QA Leader to review the structure and quality of Android and IOS Source code
2. Analyzing the root issues of bugs of Android and IOS products with programming utilities
3. Regularly publish the report of analysis of product and help to improve the quality
4. Cooperate with Marketing Team and Development Team

TO APPLY (please be sure to include a picture along with your CV):!apply/c23aj

PLACEMENT FEE: $650, includes visa application guidance, apartment guidance, 24/7 support team during your stay in China, airport pick up and drop off service, aid with public transportation, aid in bank account set up, survival Chinese classes, networking events

Hours Required: