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JDRF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to curing, treating, and preventing type 1 diabetes. Since it's founding in 1970, JDRF has become the worlds biggest advocate and funder of type 1 diabetes research.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Purpose: The JDRF Kids Walk Program Intern will serve as an important part of the program assisting in coordinating the Kids Walk Program in local elementary and middle schools and implementing the program from start to finish. The Kids Walk Program Intern will be responsible for executing a mass mailing to high potential elementary and middle schools in the Central Florida area, performing follow-up phone calls and emails to school staff and ultimately scheduling schools to participate in the Kids Walk program. The Kids Walk Intern will also be responsible for managing the Kids Walk program in those schools that they recruit through the mailing, including executing the education assemblies, helping with the walk, collecting envelopes, entering data into spreadsheets and organizing and delivering prizes. These responsibilities will need to be fulfilled between 8:00AM and 3:00PM Monday through Friday. Interns will be trained on all duties including how to perform an assembly.

Key Responsibilities:
• Assists in recruiting schools through mail, email and phone contact.
• Helps coordinate the Kids Walk Program Schedule.
• Delivers materials to schools.
• Performs an assembly or assemblies at the school.
• Attends a Kids Walk on school grounds.
• Helps collect and process fundraising envelopes.
• Enters data in regards to incentive prizes into a school spreadsheet.
• Other duties as assigned.

Reports to: Kids Walk Coordinator

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week, depending on meetings and Kids Walks Scheduled. Intern must be available during school hours at least two days a week.

Qualifications: Sales oriented, excellent phone and communication skills, dependable, people- oriented, comfortable with public speaking in front of large groups of children, organized, connection to Type 1 Diabetes a plus.

Support: Training for this position will be provided. In addition, the Kids Walk Coordinator will be available for questions and assistance.

Other Requirements: Must have valid drivers license and dependable vehicle.

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week