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  • Entertainment, Journalism, Marketing, Online, Social Media, Publishing
  • Spring
  • Manhattan Beach, CA
  • 2016

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The ultimate destination for women. We aim to support and promote women who are creating wonderful and beautiful things. We hope to offer a trusted destination that will give you a moment's rest and a bit of laughter in our constantly on-the-go, work-driven world.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Want to have your writing seen by over **1 million** people each month? is looking for clever social content creators to create highly-sharable quizzes. The ideal candidate should have a strong intuitive grasp of the type of questions people like to think about, a wide-ranging interest in pop culture, and an eagerness to experiment with form and style.

Responsibilities: Write original, highly shareable quizzes, games, and interactive posts for's websites and apps.

A love of fun, engaging content. A strong grasp of psychology and an understanding of what types of questions and games women will find challenging, interesting, and funny. A willingness to experiment with new topics, formats, designs, and question styles.

(When you apply, send along three quiz titles you think a young, hilarious woman would love! Trivia, Pop Culture and Lyrics quizzes do well for us. Check out these examples:
Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Backstreet Boys Lyrics?

Quiz: Can You Name These Christmas Movies Based on One Image?

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Princess Bride?


Benefits & Perks: 

Opportunity to have your work featured on to millions of viewers.
Advanced-level editing and writing discussions with senior staff to discuss writing, questions, progress, and more! Work closely with senior staff to improve your writing style, and learn industry best practices.
Opportunities to contribute to major ad campaigns in 2016 and beyond.

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week