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  • Hospitality
  • Fall
  • Miami, FL
  • 2014

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About Kismet TV: 

Kismet TV specializes in two very distinct yet related areas of expertise, Television Production and Media & Social Media Consulting.

TELEVISION PRODUCTION: Kismet TV is highly sought after for it’s extensive understanding of all related aspects of creative programming, production, viewership patterns, concept creation, and format development. We were hired to start up the Jerry Springer Show, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, the Montel Williams show, and we created the Charles Perez Show.

MEDIA & SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING: Having literally overseen thousands of hours of original programming, Kismet TV employs its comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace to create multi-tiered media campaigns for clients as diverse as; music, DVD’s, seminars, and film. Kismet TV utilizes established and alternative avenues to create/expand brand awareness (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, and Linkedin to name a few) to generate brand and marketing campaigns. The end result is increasing the visibility of your product.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 


ABOUT THE CANDIDATE: The candidate should be a self starter, organized, know how to prioritize. S/he should be a team player with a great attitude and a willingness to solve problems. S/he should be someone who is good at anticipating, creative, wants to share ideas and would make a good assistant.

ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP: Our client is a new hip restaurant in Miami. The restaurant is about to open and our client is looking for someone who wants to work behind the scenes and learn with it takes to open a new restaurant/bar. You would be working directly with the visionary behind the restaurant and one of the owners.

ABOUT THE CLIENT: It's Part restaurant, part bar, and part art gallery, Vagabond Restaurant and Bar will redefine Miami’s dining scene, creating a modern salon of cultural experiences – with inspired, sophisticated food and artisanal libations. The visionary behind Vagabond Restaurant and Bar, is a Venezuelan-born entrepreneur who attended Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles before starting a career in the hospitality industry in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan – where he would go on to enjoy a 20-year run, opening more than 70 restaurants, some of which are still thriving.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please send a cover letter, and a resume to unconventional is good...You don't need prior experience, just a passion and excitement to learn about the restaurant business.

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week