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  • Marketing
  • Summer
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2014

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About Shandy Media: 

Shandy Media is a compulsive digital media company with awesome content for the O.M.G. (Obsessive Millennial Generation).

Shandy Media creates original content that educates and inspires people - who inspire other people to seek, share, and ultimately, make a transaction. The need to inform our readers is as compulsive as their need to WATCH, WEAR, EAT, DRINK, TOUCH, and SHARE it. This is the power of the O.M.G.

Company Overview
All Shandy Media properties rank among the top 50 websites within each vertical including entertainment (Hollyscoop), music (Stereotude), food and beverage (The Savory), sports (The Fumble), and fashion (ModaMob) in terms of desktop and mobile traffic within the United States (comScore, April 2014). Shandy Media produced over 900,000 seconds of original video content for its 10.7MM monthly users resulting in over 112MM total monthly page views in December of 2013. Shandy Media will develop new opportunities increasing traffic and content across all verticals boasting over 800 pieces of original video content each month.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

• Assist in overall support of the Marketing Department, update marketing research materials (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) for influencers, trends, emerging technologies and other
• Compile weekly reports based on top performers via social shares and click-through traffic with marketing Manager on Mondays from previous week
• Compile and update video performance reports from YouTube & AOL for all verticals(Hollyscoop, ModaMob, The Savory, The Fumble, Stereotude) weekly, every Mondayfor the previous week
• Collect, create, and compile meeting minutes and/or notes on behalf of supervisor and send within one hour post meeting
• Research and create documentation for potential influences per vertical for the Brigade
• Research, brainstorm and pitch ideas for content optimization and best practices
• Maintain and organize press clippings when applicable (Shandy Media) and competitive analysis and for all Shandy Media properties
• File, label and organize all marketing materials, invoices, etc… along with digital/electronic filing
• Update marketing and research materials (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Occasional pick up/drop off of marketing materials from vendors and organization of logistics
• Support giveaway/sweepstakes and vendor status
• Occasional assistance to other departments when needed (i.e.. Production Department, Post-Production
Department, general office support) with Marketing Manager approval
• Organize and monitor daily press clippings through third party vendors

This is an educational Training Program with Shandy Media – focused on Marketing and Social Media Marketing. This unpaid training program requires college credit. Also, all applicants are required to sign NDA upon acceptance of internship.

Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week