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  • Non-Profit
  • Spring
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 2016

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About New Story Charity: 

New Story is a nonprofit startup.

We crowdfund life-saving homes, turning tent slums into sustainable communities for families living in danger around the world.

Located in San Francisco, we're a Y-Combinator S15 nonprofit and have been in CNN, Forbes, and fast company.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

As Marketing Intern, you’ll support and lead strategic initiatives that will help New Story continue to grow and scale.

You’ll have the unique responsibility and rare opportunity to build and grow an innovative organization. Your contributions will make a large impact on the company, and on the lives of families around the world. Instead of status quo intern tasks, a New Story internship means your resume will boast quantifiable accomplishments like the number of campaigns you started, the amount of money that was raised as a result of your efforts, in addition to skills that other innovative startups are looking for.

An additional benefit is that New Story is an opportunity to get internship experience while working remotely. One of our co-founders will check in and set goals via email and a bi-weekly phone call, but otherwise, you have the freedom to work as it fits in your own schedule. But best of all - the work you do matters. You will have designed, created, and impacted on a scale that is only possible with a new organization. If you’re open to it, we seek to flood you with opportunities for learning and growth in the field of entrepreneurship.

—You’ll help support, execute, and test our current growth strategies
—You'll formulate marketing copy and messaging for digital channels
—You'll brainstorm and execute on small projects to determine viability and strategy to scale tactics

—You’re Relentless
You find resourceful ways to accomplish your goal and don’t let small obstacles stand in your way. You’re a doer and make things happen. Nothing slows you down.

—You’re a Good Communicator
You’re natural with people. Meeting new people doesn’t scare you. You love sharing a message you believe in.

—You're independent and self-motivated
You can accomplish a variety of tasks without constant management. You love working on things bigger than yourself. You’re confident in your ability and humble at the same time.

Benefits & Perks: 

Benefits to Interning at New Story
—Work on building communities around the world
—Learn from a fast growing Y-Combinator startup and gain valuable real world experience
—Join us for our team dinner (usually Wednesday or Thursday) on us
—School credit for your internship
—Opportunity to travel with us to the field
—Join the New Story team on our monthly adventure (somewhere in the Bay Area)

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week