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  • Broadcasting, Entertainment, Non-Profit, Social Media
  • Winter
  • New Delhi, DL
  • 2014

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About Breakthrough TV: 

Breakthrough is a global human rights organization
seeking to make violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable.

Working out of centers in India and the U.S., we use the power of arts, media, pop culture, and community mobilization to inspire people to take bold action to build a world in which all people live up to their full potential.

We believe that human rights begin in our own hearts, homes, and actions.

We work to make human rights real and relevant to everyone,
no matter where or how they live.

We create innovative, relevant multimedia and pop culture that bring
human rights issues and values into the mainstream.

We inspire people to take bold action for social change –
among their own peers and in their own spheres.

We envision a world where all individuals and communities live with
dignity, equality and justice.

Our unique approach.
Human rights are universal and fundamental. More than a matter of oppression in far-off lands, they are intrinsic to the way we treat each other in our communities, in our families, and in our homes. For this reason, we use pop culture, multimedia, community engagement, and leadership training to reach people where they are and ignite change in the world around them.

Our focus.
Breakthrough seeks to make violence against women and girls unacceptable everywhere and in all its forms, including domestic violence, early marriage, and gender biased sex-selective elimination. We also address these issues through the lenses of immigrant and immigrant women’s rights, racial justice, and sexuality and HIV/AIDS.

Our strategies.
We use five strategies to transform hearts and minds and inspire people to act for change.

We use media, arts, pop culture, and technology — music videos, video games, social media and more — to reach mass audiences where they are, challenge norms, and make human rights values and issues real and relevant. (Click here to see how we use social media for social change.)
We train new generations of leaders in schools, neighborhoods, and civil society groups to ignite change in the world around them.
We develop strategic, game-changing partnerships with communities, governments, businesses, and entertainment leaders to reach maximum scale and lasting impact.
We cultivate grassroots community engagement to raise awareness and inspire action for local and global human rights issues.
We measure our impact and share lessons learned in the broader field of innovations for social justice and human rights.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Media Internship Position Responsibilities:

• Blog

Work on the blog is fairly simple – you’re free to experiment, try new ideas and strategies, styles of writing and so on. We publish a post every two or three days, which may be written by you or sourced from someone else. Posts may be in English or in Hindi (of late, we're encouraging Hindi content). It must, of course, be original and not plagiarised from anywhere - though referencing is allowed. Each post is accompanied by a picture (off a site like Flickr's creative commons search that allows you copyright provided you attribute the source). If doing an interview or feature, you can ask the individual/organization to supply the images. Posts are tagged and categorized accordingly and shared on our social media outlets immediately. From time to time we collaborate with other NGOs/Sites to write blogs on specific, shared relevant topics. We get some unsolicited contributions as well, which have to be edited for spelling, grammar and presentation, format, and post.

• Facebook

Work on Facebook requires smaller, more frequent bursts of attention. All Facebook needs is an update every couple of hours with a link to a news story, or infographic, or image, or blog post - or even just a question in itself – something that has the potential to serve as a talking point. The way you present the news story (sometimes with a question) helps guide the responses people give to it. It's important not to be too subjective, and assess everything a bit critically. So, for instance, a post on the Delhi Police's decision to have female officers to handle reports of rape is expected to be a positive development, but it's good to throw it out into the open and ask people what they think. As you can see (, there was some suspicion towards the decision, so it's good to be open to the potential to there being more than one side to an argument.

• Twitter

Unlike Facebook, where it’s better to space out posts by an hour or so, on Twitter it’s not a bad idea to drop in every once in a while, leave a two or three posts, and return a couple of hours later. Posts on Twitter often echo Facebook’s own, but it’s also a good place to have two-way conversations, pick up on something someone else said and make a discussion out of it. Use hashtags to take part in conversations other people/organizations are having, and use the traditional RT wherever you can (without getting too spammy) so the people you retweet take the initiative to check you out.

• Online Campaigns and Activities

Over and above all of these, we run, on average, a microcampaign every month that encompasses at least two of our three main online media channels – Facebook, Twitter and These campaigns may be in the form of online discussions, poster messages, infographics, blog series/features, any combination of the above or anything else we can think of. The microcampaigns and online discussions are probably the most vital component of Breakthrough/Bell Bajao’s online presence.

• Social Media Reports

At the end of every month, we compile a social media report that summarises Bell Bajao activities and analytics on the site, FB, and twitter. This includes overall metrics for each channel as well as details on any campaigns that we hosted or participated in, details on any FB updates or tweets that were particularly memorable or significant, and any blog posts of note, like interviews, features, guest posts and so on (ideally, all blog posts should be blog posts of note).

• Miscellaneous

Apart from all these, it’s advisable that you constantly be on the lookout for news stories, articles, events and research relevant to Bell Bajao. News stories are good to have discussions around on Twitter and FB, and can be good starting points for campaigns. You’d also be required to aid in conceptualizing, promoting and maintaining Bell Bajao’s online campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, emailers and so on. You may also be called upon to work on the follow up to microcampaigns, e.g. making infographics/images out of collated tweets, collating tweets, making posters and so on.

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week