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  • Internet & Media
  • Spring
  • 2017

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About Nature's Wild Berry | Remote Digital Media Internship | Spring 2017: 

Nature's Wild Berry is a revolutionary approach to enjoying sweetness without a sweetener. When you chew a Nature's Wild Berry (aka ledidi fruit) for 30 seconds, the following 30 mins will have your tongue unlock the most satisfying sweetness from what normally would have been tart or sour. The shelf life of our ledidi berries have now been extended to years, making the fruit available for international shipping for the first time ever. So whether its because you enjoy making a positive impact on the world or simply enjoy having healthy food taste delicious, we hope you'll decide to check out our reactions on IG and apply with us for your upcoming internship.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Establish partnerships with influencers that convert into meaningful coverage
Follow a detailed calendar to forge cause-driven social media placement

Above average social and communication skills
Maintain a professional presence and positive attitude

Benefits & Perks: 

Learn first hand how to operate an ecommerce business that reminds you of a digital media agency

Intern Payment: 
Unpaid Internship
Internship Description of Duties: 
Create and test email marketing campaign Work with Creative and Coms depts for strategic business development Liaison with Community Management aka customer service
Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week