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  • Business
  • Fall
  • New York, NY
  • 2014

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About AlleyNYC: 

AlleyNYC is the most supportive and dynamic community and the planet for early stage businesses, start ups, and entrepreneurs of all types. First and foremost is our community, we are bullish about working to address the needs of every member of our network. In addition to desks, office space, conference rooms, a bevy of amenities and perks we actively work to bridge the gap between our members' innovative ideas and a stable blossoming business. AlleyNYC is where human talent, ingenuity, and sourcing capital come together.

Every member of our team is entrepreneurial in spirit, they are all proactive, we're here to have fun but most importantly we're here to very seriously drive our members, and one another forward. We've built this company over the last two years from the ground up and we’re excited about where we’re headed. We want people who share our vision and want to contribute to it.

Finally regardless of your role. You will be integral in helping us further grow AlleyNYC into a stronger community everyday.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Operations at AlleyNYC is all about refining and fortifying the smaller stabilizing elements of our company so that everyone can work to the best of their ability. We’re about making sure it’s extremely easy for members of the Alley team to work as effectively as possible.

In the abstract, you’re a blacksmith forging the tools and weapons that the rest of the team will rely on to successfully conquer the world. You’re a process person. You’re a builder. You’re a teacher. You’re a researcher. You’re an experimenter.

Still with us? Great! Read on…


-You’ll be able to work in all facets of our coworking business, but this position focuses on -Operations & Support.

-Learning about new tech.

-Assistant management in refining and improving management solutions across the AlleyNYC team.

-Constructing the scope of projects around AlleyNYC

-Working management to help AlleyNYC operate like a well oiled machine, think Shake Shack, think In-N-Out, think behind the scenes of your favorite busy hotel or restaurant.

-Applying processes and flows throughout the Alley.

-Being a beast, everyday.

Do apply:

-If you’re familiar with Asana, Trello, etc (If you don't know it you should definitely check them out!)

-If you enjoy teaching and training friends and family

-If you enjoy the act of exploring, researching, and experimenting.

-If you know how to keep a schedule.

-If you have a keen knowledge of current trends in the tech, startup, and NYC business ecosystem

-If you have a strong writing ability and great interpersonal communication skills

-If you have have basic Google Apps, Excel, and Powerpoint experience

-If you are ready to bust your ass and make an impact.

-If you’re an avid self-starter

-If you’re a do now and ask for forgiveness later kind of person

-If you enjoy In-N-Out, Shake Shack for more than their burgers but for the ops taking place behind the counter.

Do not apply:

-If you live far away from midtown NYC

-If you only need a seasonal short term internship. We need people who can commit. Most current AlleyNYC employees started as interns

-If you need money

-If you don’t like solving problems, teaching and presenting your ideas to other people

-If you just wanna be “down”

-If numbers, feedback, deadlines scare you.

Benefits & Perks: 

This role, as with every role at the Alley, may lead to a full-time employment at the end of a 90 day term.

"Internship” is a state of mind. You get what you put in.
You may get a full time offer out. Believe it.

Good luck!

Please apply through this link:

Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week