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  • 2012

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NetClarify Company Information:

We are an online reputation management company located within the Florida Innovation Hub at UF (Office of Technology Licensing). NetClarify is founded by expert privacy law attorney Jon Mills, former Dean of University of Florida Law School, Dr. Arnold Heggestad, former Associate Dean of University of Florida Business School and others.

Applying for internships, jobs or grad school? Did you know 70% of hiring managers have REJECTED candidates based on negative web content? See what employers and schools see when they research you.

NetClarify searches more than 100 social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, as well as public records, property records, criminal records and general Internet. We use our patent-pending technology to identify the information that will send up a red flag for employers and schools. Then we then give you the tools to have information removed from the Internet.

NetClarify’s competitive advantages:

Led by Deans, Attorneys and Decision Makers
Patent-pending technology
Premier search technology at an affordable price
Acute focus on items that matter to employers and schools
Sentiment and word cloud analysis enables users to tailor conversation to desired career paths
Examples of letters from high-profile privacy attorney
Strong management team focused on the needs of academic institutions and students

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

NetClarify is currently seeking Student Reps at 24 U.S. college campuses (listed below) to kick off our nationwide program. They will help shape the online privacy movement at each campus and educate students on the growing trend of social recruiting. NetClarify Student Reps will have full control of the integrated marketing strategy at their university.

Student Reps can expect to learn how to:

-Professionally market themselves online to their desired career path
-Utilize social media for marketing purposes
-Logistically plan and execute promotional events
-Target and nurture networking opportunities

The program manager will be on hand at all times for assistance, advice and approvals for anything related to the program.

NetClarify Student Rep Program
The NetClarify Student Rep program is an integrated marketing campaign launching at selected universities nationwide. Two Reps on each campus will create their own marketing strategies and schedules in conjunction with their class and work commitments. Through social media, guerilla and word-of-mouth marketing, Student Reps will strategically promote and create buzz on campus for NetClarify.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Collaborate with partner Rep to generate campus awareness for NetClarify
Promote, host and attend events related to NetClarify
Utilize social media to drive traffic and sales to NetClarify’s website
Build relationships with decision makers on campus
Distribute provided press materials to campus news outlets
Participate in weekly conference call with program manager
Submit weekly reports, photos and screenshots to program manager

Ideal Applicants:

Highly motivated leaders involved in campus organizations
Creative, business-minded self-starters
Active on social media sites
Currently enrolled as an undergraduate

You will receive:

One free premium subscription to NetClarify for your personal online identity
Internship credit toward your academic program (must be requested)
Base cash stipend for completing weekly marketing assignments
Commission-based payment for NetClarify sales (up to 50% commission)
Professional experience in social media, sales, and marketing to add to your resume
Numerous networking opportunities with leaders on your campus

Arizona State University

Bucknell University

College of William and Mary

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Emory University

Fort Lewis College

Henderson State University

Lehigh University

Longwood University

Northwestern University

Ohio State University

Penn State Erie-Behrend College

Simmons College

Stanford University

SUNY at Binghamton

University of Central Florida

University of Florida

University of Miami

University of Tulsa

University of Vermont

University of Wyoming

Villanova University

Wheaton College

Benefits & Perks: 


Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week